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Made the decision to sell.


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This is not yet the ad posting, but I've just about finalized my decision to sell "the red thing". This spring will mark TWENTY years of ownership and that seems like a good enough time. It's been a real hoot and I still get a smile EVERY time I drive it, whether for a short jaunt or 500 mile trip to Canada. I've met scads of some of the finest people in the car hobby,... But......

I got the car because I had always wanted a Sprite. This one all but fell in my lap. I had always wanted to learn how to work on cars. The Sprite is the perfect car from which to learn. The parts are inexpensive (comparatively), everything is readily accessible, there's room to work, the parts don't weight much, there is a huge after market and (almost) everything is readily available. I've learned car wiring in tracing tail lighting, adding horn, accessory power port. I've changed rear springs, pulled the motor and tranny, tracked and gotten rid of all the dash squeaks and learned tons about cars, BUT, the MOST IMPORTANT thing that I've learned is that I HATE WORKING ON CARS. It's a lot of fun at first ownership, tracing and fixing all those little problems, but now it's .. "what's going wrong next?".... I've always been a better "check book" mechanic and real one, and I can now (I couldn't before) afford to just --take it in-- and have someone else do it, and I'm happy with that, BUT people who can work on them are getting fewer and fewer and the nearest GOOD shop is at least 50 miles away.... So... It's been a hoot and I wouldn't have missed the ride for anything... .... I'll probably post here within a month or two..... .. watch for it.. tons of extra parts... two tops and body colored tonneau,, wheels, etc, etc...


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Before you sell it you NEED to change your tag line and remove " (Excepting Greater Seattle) " , I gave you reign of that area about 5 years ago!
Good luck with whatever you do


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Will miss seeing the wee red one at the Portland ABFM.
Will you completely give up on a classic (check-book mechanic and all)?


Sorry to here you are parting with the red thing, Bill.



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No Bill say it ain't so. Will we still be able to get you and your trusty wrench to join in the next time we get together to work on someone's car?


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I posted the add under Spridgets classified section. ... I've been mulling the decision for quite a while ..... and pulled the trigger.

I still love Healey's big and small... but it's time to let it go. I'll keep my tools.


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Tough thing to have to do, but sometimes it is time to move on. Good luck with the sale.
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