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Wanted Luggage Rack

Marvin Gruber

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I have a couple like this. $150 shipped


  • image.jpeg
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Prof. T

Prof. T

Freshman Member
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Hi Marvin,

Thanks for letting me know. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Could you send me a picture of the very piece you'd be selling me? Would it come with the mounting hardware?

Prof. T

Prof. T

Freshman Member
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I have a good chrome used one. Make me an offer.
I'm still interested in your chrome luggage rack. If you still want to sell, I'd appreciate a photo or description of the rack, such as the dimensions and number of slats, etc.

Many thanks!
Prof. T

Prof. T

Freshman Member
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My quest for a six slat platform style luggage rack has been answered. Received in today's mail, a beautiful rack purchased from fellow BCF member Marvin Gruber. Thanks, Marvin, it's perfect!

Can't wait to have it mounted on my "6" in the spring.

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