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TR2/3/3A Low oil pressure warning

Hamish Racing

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My TREnterprises Ltd (Uk) pressure sender (and adapter) is set to 20psi.

so the light will come on as a warning at or below that pressure.
normal it 50 idle 70 when getting a move on.
this is my 3a tho. 8DB2A282-1433-4C4F-82A0-01B510707625.thumb.jpeg.100132e51cb764dbe281fe0e7c240ab0.jpeg

Hi Guys I thought I would try an contribute to this forum and share with you my low oil pressure warning light mod. I sprint hill climb/race my 3a but it’s not extreme power just 117bhp at the flywheel which is about 125bhp per tonne (kg) it’s all fitted and working.
I made this short video to explain what I did. This doesn’t mean it correct !!

I didn’t want a buzzer every time I started the car or just had the ignition on so left it out.

the light is only a small led but seems bright enough video’d using an led work light and phone light as the hardtop is on and it was a bit dark but despite these lights the warning light still shows up.

any ignition live feed would do, but I have an alternator and a volt meter so used that feed.

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