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GT6 Lots of Bondo


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Finally started some work on my '72 GT6Mk3, I knew there was filler in the tail, but wow. The whole taillight panel has about a 1/4" layer and the right rear corner of the panel below the hatch and around to the seam and fender is really thick. I tried grinding through and cleared a small area - and completely covered myself and my garage with Bondo dust! At least there appears to be solid metal under everything so far.


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I found some areas of fairly thick body filler in the TR4A I'm working on. I sanded them out and redid some of the bodywork, then applied a thin coat of filler. And, yes, it was really dusty. I moved the car into the driveway and closed the garage door. Still got dust everywhere.

Many bodyshops give body filler a bad name. It's easy and quick to smear on a thick layer and sand it, rather than hammering the dents out competently and using just a skim coat. I realized that it can be hard to do otherwise, as time is money, for them. For example, my TR4A had a dent in the door with a thick layer of filler. Getting behind it to hammer out the dent properly would have required disassembling the whole door, a major undertaking, so apparently they just pulled the dent as best they could and then loaded on the filler.
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