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Looking for two part, three point seat belts


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The tonneau on our BJ7 has slots that appear to be for the chest strap on a three point seat belt to pass through. However - unless you want to unbolt the belt from its upper mount and reinstall every time you but the tonneau off/on - it appears to need some sort of belt combination that would entail a separate lap belt combined with a separate 'chest strap' that would connect, separately, either directly to the lap belt at the tunnel end, or some sort of dual belt connection to the tunnel mount. Can anyone advise as to a source of such a belt that would work with/without the tonneau? And if anyone can phrase my question more clearly, kindly do so! Thanks, Doug


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The flap is designed to be used with a belt that is anchored on the outboard side by a removable pin that fits into a bracket next to the seat. You can see it here and is available through British Sports Car Specialists



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Hi Doug,

Back when the BJ7/8 was new, 2-point seat belts were just being mandated and 3-point belts were the new think thought to provide greater safety. As time and tests/reality proved, without head rests, 3-point belts held just as many risks as 2-point belts but in the opposite direction. So, the choice is yours.

Keep safe,


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I called British Sports Car Specialists this morning and their comment was that the seat belt pin feature was somewhat awkward to use, so I figure I'll have a look at the tonneau and get it modified with either a zipper or velcro to provide access to the belt-slot.
And today is Day 1 for their new web-page, so that may be why I struggled earlier. Doug

Bob Hughes

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When I bought my tonneau a few years ago now from AH Spares, it came with all the fixings - lift a dot, Tennax and press studs, I assumed from the number that press studs were the order of the day for keeping the flaps closed but I have never fitted them. Well not yet anyway.




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Totally unoriginal to british cars, but Klippan made belts like you requested which were sold in Mercedes Benzs in the early 1970s. They are typically inexpensive, but for whatever reason, they are a bit spendy on ebay right now.

The waist belt has the retractor and the shoulder belt just latches on and has to be manually tightened. The buckles stay together with a friction fit, so they function on a day to day basis just like a three point belt. But with a quick slide of one buckle relative to the other, you can easily separate them.

Depending on which MB model they come from, the receiver has a different length of cable/fastener. Again, because they have nothing to do with british cars, it probably isn't something anyone would consider. But just in case you weren't familiar, I thought I would mention them.
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