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Looking for advice for throttle linkage for Weber DCOE


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Our DCOE equipped Yellow BE is locked away for the winter and not accessible, but my recollection is that there is a lug on the goose-neck intake manifold that secures the outer casing of the stock Sprite throttle cable and allows the inner wire to connect to the Weber DCOE. We're assembling the Silver BE and the intake does not have such a lug; it does have a flat place on the rear runner that is tapped for two small diameter bolts plus a pair of larger tapped holes on the inlet flange of the manifold, but my pile of miscellaneous does not have anything suitable to mount there.
Any suggestions regards building or sourcing a suitable linkage system would be appreciated.


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Thanks for the note and the web-page and the recommendation. Since it works for you, sure sounds good to me. Jeff has started work on an adapter and we'll see how that works; I was also intrigued by the Mangoletsi approach as that casting of their's looks incredibly cool https://www.mangoletsimanifolds.com/linkages.html
But prices look similar, and I expect I'll got with the webcon design based on your experience. Thanks, Doug
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