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Left to right hand drive


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Hi fellas , I’m currently in the process of bringing a Mk11 BT7 that’s in bits back to the UK. As it’s already dismantled and will be the subject of a total rebuild I’ve been toying with the idea of converting it to right hand drive . Are the chassis of lhd and rhd the same ? On the face of it there’s not an awful lot of changes to be made ...instrument panel (dash) , pedal box, steering column,wiring loom perhaps . Am I missing anything ? What do you think ?


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Conversion from LHD to RHD is actually very simple if you have some technical acumen, tools and obviously the $$.
I converted my BJ7 from LHD to RHD in my garage over the Xmas break last year and the whole process was quick and easy in my opinion of course. No chassis mods needed noting they originally came off the production line for RHD and LHD with the same chassis.

The list of things to do is easy to locate online and probably in this forum somewhere but includes:

RHD steering box and idler housings (most people get these two things done by a shop or buy new ones outright)
RHD worm (done with the above steering box change)
RHD dash
RHD accelerator pedal
RHD parcel tray (you can keep the old one however the washer bottle is in a different position originally)
RHD wiper arms (but you could stick with LHD arms and parking position if you desire and the the road rules allow?)
RHD headlights (for the dip/high beam)
New pipes for the clutch and brakes to the master cylinders

There maybe a few more, but I think this hits the main things.

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