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LED Brake Lights


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I'm looking to upgrade my rear brake lights ('67 BJ8) to LED bulbs for extra brightness. Can I simply swap the original element bulbs for the Moss 170-941 red LED, or do I need to add a resistor? I'm not messing with the turn signals at all. Also, do they directly screw in without socket modification?
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Re: LED brake light question

Moss says no mods needed, so I'd be inclined to take their word for it. Note theirs is for neg. ground only (not original). I got a pair for my pos. gnd. BJ8 from these guys:

https://litezupp.com/epages/ac0e8ca...-9213bdc3f061/Categories/"L Series LED Lamps"

Drop in fit, no resistor needed (you only need a 'balance' resistor for the the turn signal circuit, or a solid state flasher). Any 1156 or 1157 equivalent should fit in the socket, though the Moss ones look kinda long but, again, if Moss says they fit they probably will (though they're not Healey-specific).


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That's good news. My car has been converted to neg. ground so the bulb selection will be broader and easier. I had previously purchased other LEDs (non Moss) that didn't fit. I would have started filing the sockets and that made me uncomfortable. I'll be checking the web site you offered. Thanks.
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