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Leatherique Crack Filler

Geo Hahn

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Anyone used Leatherique's 'Crack Filler' to repair cracks in leather seats?


I have a couple of cracks in the driver's seat, the kind you get when the leather flexs in the same place for 40 years. First it cracks revealing the undyed leather underneath, finally it breaks thru completely.

I'm thinking that the proper repair is to remove the seat cover entirely, back the cracked area with something (possibly leather) then use a product that will flexibly fill the crack, then re-dye.

I would prefer to not have a new panel sewn in to replace the cracked piece as it is the original TR leather... trying for the 'patina of use' rather than 'brand new'.

Would appreciate advice from anyone who has had success (or disasters) trying somehting like this.


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I've used it along with a lot of the Leatherique products and they all work great... I used my crack filler on a seat bolster that had small cracks in the top surface. Talk to George at Leatherique about the repair. I've always found him very helpful.
/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/iagree.gif While I've not used the product in question, I would call and talk to whomever and state what exactly you want to accomplish and see what they reccommend. Just keep in mind, it's in their best interests to sell you the product, but if they are honest (always a crap-shoot these days to find that), then they will tell you if their product will do what you are after. My biggest concern would be keeping/matching the patina on the seats, if that is truly what you are after.
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