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LBCs at 2019 Mitty @ Road Atlanta


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I attended the 2019 Mitty with some old friends from the 6Pack Forum. I hadn't attended the event since 2012. Meeting old and new friends was great. RA has actually provided hot water to some of the infield showers - yea! The number and variety of cars was outstanding! Alfa Romeo was the featured Marque. I did include pictures of two Alfas, a yellow racing 1963 TZ1 and a red Giulietta Sprint Speciale parked in the pits. The other extra car included is Ray Evernham's 1936 Chevy special, an interesting and fast car.

Link to the Mitty pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xuz16ds79lszvg0/AAAHDGEbEkIdaIp31-SXUFfWa?dl=0

Link to article on the TZ1: https://petrolicious.com/articles/t...a-living-legacy-for-one-classic-racing-family

See Ray Evernham's car at: https://autoweek.com/article/sema-show/meet-ghost-concept-car-ray-evernham-designed-scratch


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I love that orange Europa. Always regret selling mine but actually replaced it with that Land Rover 109 you took a picture of.


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Jim -

Great photos, love the Bugeyes, Jags & Morgans. As most vintage races, I didn't see any Big Healeys.....The Mitty's on my Bucket List, but it's a long haul from Portland, OR......Laguna Seca and Road America next year. Would love to see more Healey sixes on the vintage tracks, I'm usually in rare company.

SOVREN Spring Sprints # 414.jpg


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My wife and I attended a Father's day vintage race at Mid Ohio about 12-14 years ago and witnessed a group of Aussies and Kiwis touring and racing their big Healeys. it was truly a sight and some aggressive racing for expensive cars so far from home.
The HSR event at Barber this weekend looks to be well attended, to bad, I'm working a benefit ride along on the proving grounds from 9 - 4 on Saturday.
I added a comment to your Seattle entry.


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Hi Jim -

You must have been lucky enough to catch one of the "Aussie vs. US Healey Challenge" races in 2005. The Australian's brought over about a dozen fully prepared big Healey racers. The USA race regualtions were a little different then the Aussies who had a slight advantage in motor prep & tires.
Good fun for all and if there were still the numbers drivers racing big Healeys today, I think another event would be scheduled......

2005 Healey Challenge 100-4.jpg

2005 Healey Challenge 2.jpg
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