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TR4/4A Latest thoughts on TR4A front springs?


Darth Vader
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Hi all,

I know this has been discussed in the past, but curious what the latest / current consensus is for front springs?

Not too high, not too stiff.

I bought a set of 213165 coil springs from TRF a few (5-7) years ago. I am now getting around to reassembling my car. With most of the engine and tub on the springs (missing battery, interior, fenders, and a few lightweight bits), I am only getting a tiny deflection - for all intents and purposes, the suspension is at the upper limit.


I have heard some have had success with the Moss springs, although I’d be surprised if Moss and TRF have different suppliers. I believe coilovers have been successful in some cases as well. My intent is originality… but obviously functionality.

I have the 213165UR ( up rated) on the front of my competition TR3a
And they are VERY FIRM
I wouldn’t use them for a std road car
Mine are red from rimmers but can be black from other suppliers
I wouldn’t expect much deflection even fully laden .
But set it all up a bit loose . Top and bottom wish bones etc sat on the tyres.
You need to know the rating of the springs....lb/in".
If they are uprated, then I would not use them on a road car.
Coil overs can be used on early TR4, TR4A have a different shock tower.
After trying many different springs over the years, I now have the softest ones from Goodparts. I think the ride height is now finally something reasonable. Since the other springs were purchased years ago, I can't comment on what the current versions are like. The Goodparts springs are definitely firm for a road car, but I'm OK with the ride so far. The Goodparts site says that his springs need a spacer when used on the front of a TR4A, however, I have them without a spacer and I think they are just fine. I also don't like the rear up a bit from what I think they cars originally had, and his rear springs are about where I like it. Hard to believe this has still been an issue for 30 years....

Thanks everyone! I can do some calibration of the springs I have: add my 200 pounds - 100 lb/spring - and measure how much the car goes down. Primitive- but should tell me if I am in the neighborhood of 300 or 400 lb/inch springs.

Beautiful car, Darrell - hope mine looks a little but like that when I’m done!

Sounds like a call to Richard is on order…
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