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Latest on Lilly

Drone Dog

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up-date on Lilly

was expecting to be asking a lot of questions this week about putting this car back together.... but i ran in to a few issues with Lilly. As much as i checked and prodded i did not find the rust issues on this car until i was painting.

three spots popped up after some bead blasting. actually a couple i did not see until after painting which is a little weird.

one in front of the right rear wheel on the inside. just a little rust right at the very bottom. i cut it out and replaced with new metal. not a hard job... well except my welding skills are not the greatest. but i do handle a grinder pretty well. trouble is you can not get a grinder or much of anything up in that spot. i ended up using a dremel tool for the cutting and the grinding. took a while (see part about welding skills) but i got it replaced. good news was everything behind the inside piece was solid. i cleaned as much as i could in there and sprayed with a rust remover/encapsulator before i put the new metal back in. painted and all good to go.

second there was a piece at the back of the floor pan on the passenger side the po had told me they had replaced. i assumed that meant they had welded in new metal. but instead they had epoxed a piece of metal over the hole. not a real structural place but it looked like the devil from under the car. they had drilled holes for the epoxy to bit in. so under the car you saw all these bubbles of glue and a 2" x 5" hole with a cover on top. after paintying it got the best of me so i cut all of that out and fixed that. sure takes a while to weld that thin sheet metel and get it all flush and clean. but job is done.

third place was the inside corner on the driver side of the floor pan right where the drive shaft tunnel starts. that is going to be the tricky one. not a big hole at all but it is right on the corner. too big to just lay weld in but not big enough to really make a piece for. not sure what i am going to do with that just yet but i hope to come up with a plan shortly.

i did get the frame blasted and painted. it was a real pain with the car already painted. boy that glass bead gets everywhere. lots of showers this week. but it came out pretty nicely. i decided to do the wheel wells in black but paint the rest in the car color. got some touch ups to do but at this point i want to get all the rust issues out of the way and do one touch up.... i hope.

also got the rear end blasted and painted ready to go back in the car. IMG_0137.jpg
everything feels really good with the rear. no real play, no clunking and the outside wheels bearings feel really smooth. So i am just going to put it back in as is.

can not get the pic of the frame rear to post... not sure of the issue.

anyway i started my list of things i needed to get started putting the car back together. i plan on working from the back forward. rear end back in and rear suspension; brakes; gas tank; brake lines; etc. putting a parts list together. one thing i can not seem to find is a new battery cable that runs from the solenoid to the battery. any ideas where i can get one of those?

i am sure i will have more questions but that is it for now. so far i have been able to do searches and find info on other questions.



Luke Skywalker
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Re: up-date on Lilly

Before going any further are you sure you have located all the rust areas. Now is the time to do them. The botched repair indicates there might be other problems. Is the body off the car?
Drone Dog

Drone Dog

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Re: up-date on Lilly

Yup. Pretty darn sure now. Have the car up on a lift really helps. Blasting and cleaning all the underside pretty much takes you thru every inch of the car.

Healey Nut

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Re: up-date on Lilly

This is the problem with doing a restoration bass ackwards . Usually ??? The superstructure (inner body / frame) is totally done first after the outer body has all been test fit and prepped repaired etc . There are so many areas you can now not get into as the car is painted and they maybe hiding a lot of issues .
Personally I would not have bought the car done that way but thats just my opinion.
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