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TR2/3/3A large water jacket


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On the large water jacket where the piston liners sit inside of on a tr3, has anyone done anything to treat the metal in there other than perhaps scraping it out good?


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Practically anything else is going to block heat transfer, which isn't what you want. Just keep your coolant up to date (change it on schedule even if you don't drive the car) and it will be fine.

I went over mine with a series of wire wheels, though, rather than scraping. Be careful not to damage the lip where the liners sit, you don't want that to leak!


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On my last engine I spent about three days digging out the crud from the 40 + years of accumulation. But just cleaning it was all I did. No treatments.


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Yeh I have been cleaning this thing out for a while using a die grinder and some of those fiber wheels, the 1 inch and up. I remember back in auto shop in the 60’s the teacher would suggest things to us like chrome plating the inside of an intake manifold and stuff like that. I was actually thinking about using some phosphoric acid like sold at auto body supply stores for rust. It would turn stuff black and kind give it a Band-Aid seal, but it should just wash off quickly being in a hot wet environment. The stuff works by sealing off the last electron in the outer band and making it not oxygen hungry for a while. I guess I could gold plate the inside because gold is not oxygen hungry having 4 electrons in the last band, but not really cost effective. But, really I think I will wipe it down with acid to hold the rust back for a while and see if the antifreeze mix can do the rest.



I used Glyptol on mine. This stuff was developed during WWII and we used it in military aircraft when I was in that industry.

Cleaned and scraped with wire wheels before applying. Recommendation from my son who's been using at his shop for the last 18 years. He rebuilds a lot of Saab engines and uses it to paint the whole block.


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Interesting, that stuff is paint? I must admit I know nothing about it, but I am concerned about heat transfer because those engines do not cool well. Did it help with cooling? I am going to try and find some more research on it.
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