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For Sale Large selection of TR4 - TR6 parts


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Time to clear parts acquired when I had several Triumph TR4, TR4a and TR6 cars. Here is a partial list;

New rear brake drums
Front brake pads
Spare transmission
TR 4/tr6 IRS OEM rear springs
Rear lens is in very good condition
Rear lighting assemblies in very good condition
Aftermarket battery box
Rear axles, blasted, painted need new grease
Wiring harness
Misc carb rebuild kits
TR3-TR4a wire wheels that have been sand blasted, painted and have unused tires on them (about 3 yrs old)
Brand new j-type Overdrive solenoid
Brand new overdrive steering column switch
Coolant overflow tank
Believed to be good Lucas alternator
OEM black driver side rear view bullet style mirror
Pair '74 model year Stromberg carbs for rebuild
New Moss Motors TR4 seat kit, never installed
Newly recovered TR4-TR4a front seats, Moss Motors kit was used, new foam, black with white piping

Email me what you need.

Can ship via USPS flat rate shipping if need be


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I'm looking for a TR4A or TR250 passenger side front fender. Would you have one or know of one?
Thanks in advance for any info. ...


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Do you have a working early TR4 electric temperature gauge for sale? full view of needle, temp from 110 to 250 F. Thanks!


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Hi Dan - I have one in very good condition. I am away on family vacation until next Friday but can send pictures then.


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Have one. Picture available


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