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General TR Large cache of TRs and other Brits for sale

Alfred E. Neuman

Jedi Trainee
I've been looking for a solid TR3 or early 4 to restore for a while. Came across a craigslist ad in Knoxville for a 3A that looked good. Same seller also had ads for a VERY solid '70 TR6, a restored GT6 MkII, a couple E-Types.

Went up to take a look. Cars are there and as advertised. Also had a TR250 that looked complete and had minimal rust. Possibly another 250 (definitely has it, but not sure of for sale status). Some MGB's. Maybe some other complete cars as well as a lot of parts.

Just passing along some info for anyone who may be interested.



Jedi Hopeful
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The TR3 is advertised as a '63, but the commission number looks like it's TS42XXX, which makes it a '59, not a '63?
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