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land ho!!!


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The MG’s arrived in Norway!
One of my Friends from work and I rented a Ford transit truck.
We had measured the inside and only had about 3 inches to spare.
I bought a winch and got temporary plates.
We headed down to Trondheim about two hours south through bright, bright sunshine.
We went trough a bunch of offices at the port authority before we found the right one. They seemed a little put out that I had all my forms, and a copy of their rules!

They told us to come back at one O'clock
To kill some time; I took Trund, to a restaurant at the top of the space needle over looking Trondheim for lunch.
The mountains to the south had plenty of snow, and the odd thing… the trees were Green.. Only about 5% were yellow from… Global warming?

At 1:00 we went back to the office where after allot of talk that sounded like the Swedish chef, there was that “Cheer chunk" of my documents getting stamped.

Then, the painful part… it cost 2700 USD!! Ouch!! I was expecting about half that!!!

We were off… picked up a gas can, and found that we had to pay 16 krones at every tunnel going an hour south to the little port where the container full of MG’s were.

After a little wait, about 3:00, we got to the container, and opened it up… Great! One of the tires was shredded on one of the cars and would never hold air again!
So I tossed on the spare rim….
We pushed it out on the jack with no problem.
Next problem, the planks we brought were two short, so I found some longer ones and started winching…

WOW it was hard work!!
I had to jack the rim on to the board to about six inches up and on to the truck

We got it up on to the pallet It was so tiring!! All the pushing -winching –pulling…

Trund suggested driving it up on the starter motor, so I went to hook up the battery.... no battery!!!! Oh f#¤% yes!
Somewhere in the emails it said they couldn't ship the battery
we didn't have a battery for the red car!!!
So after a bit of swearing, we were back at it… finally we jacked the front of the car up so we could get it over the lip of the truck.
It was just hard work, but it was going to get done.

We get the car in, and rested the front of the car on the front wall of the truck
But we couldn't close the rear doors…. now in America, no problem! Bungee them together no sweat! But in Norway, no way!
So I pop off the inner panels of the rear doors ... and they closed.

We then went to get a battery…
got back, and pulled out the red car. The battery wont fit…
So I then focused on other things… gave her some new gas, and cleaned the plugs etc..
We were off… it was 8:00 at night, and getting dark.
The truck lead, and I followed… the MG drove great! It was bit cold with the top down. Yes…. with the top down!

There still was a bit of shudder in 4th gear over 2500 RPM
I had a heck of a time reaching up to the tolls.
The tunnels were warmer, and the exhaust made a lot of noise!

Just north of Trondheim, I noted a strange light in the sky. We crept up the fjord in to darker areas….
And yes!.. Sure enough… it was the northern lights!!
And yes "take on me" came on the radio!
I love driving the MG!


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big adventure, thanks for sharing!


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my friends think Im nuts. but it was a great adventure next summer will be grand!!!



Great Pumpkin
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wonderful. Really enjoyed the story.


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Norgehistoria... /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

Sorry could not resist...

You could most probably do more sarcastic answers to any posting I make... /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Great to see more scandinavians on the boards... /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif


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well to end the story I bought my helper Trund, a bottle of Highland Park Scotch, Wow I thought importing cars was expensive don't ask about the alcohol prices here!

its true where every you go in the world with a Britsh car you will have good friends!

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