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Hello Friends,

A technical question or two now, please. But first, please know that I have rebuilt a bunch of engines ranging from an MG TD to a Ferrari Testarossa...but never a Rover 4.6 V8. And that admission brings me to the issue at hand.

My 'new' 2003 DII has about 145k miles on it but engine work has been done, but just what, I do not know. It was makeing a 'knock' at hot idle when I got the truck. Jason Martin's book called something like Living with a Discovery, attributes that sound to dislodged liners. He further suggests switching to a thinner oil like Valvoline MaxLife in 5W30 weight cured the problem in his '04 DII. This is what I did when I had the oil changed...and now the knock is worse and extends beyond idle, plus the occasional top end rattle. So with that back-story in mind, here are my questions.

1. Do, or have you had this problem with your higher mileage 4.6 engine?

2. If so, how did you address it?

3. Anyone using the thinner oil, or did you stick with the 10W40? BTW, I live in a hot climate, Houston, Texas where it was 97° here today.

4. In M-B engines I have found that the oil additive called 'Restore' works wonders for a tired engine. And no, it does nothing (or worse) for a healthy engine. Have you used it, or something similar?

Please help with your advise. Thank you.



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I have since learned that the PO installed new rod bearings but hadn't completed the final torque setting. Seeing to that next Tuesday after the pan gasket arrives.
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