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General Tech Kirk Racing headers opinion


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Hi Guys,
I'm looking at possibly buying a 4 into 1 header from Kirk racing for a Spitfire vintage racer. I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with their products. Any info would be appriciated or suggestions of other headers I could use.




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Kirk Racing is located just north of where I live in Central Alabama. Yesterday, at an SCCA slalom, I spoke with a fellow who knows the owner and has one of his roll bars in an M3. He spoke highly of the quality of his work. He builds roll bars for a major racer and supplier of BMW performance products. He is also very popular with the local road and circle track racers. The guy was very satisfied with his work scheduling. His bar was completed on time and his car was only at the shop for two days for the actual installation. Not sure how all of this transfers to headers, but the business appears to be sound and honest.


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I appreciate the info, that's a good sign that people are happy with the business. Hopefully someone in here has used their headers and will chime in, not a lot of options out there for a Spitfire.

Thanks again,



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I have headers on my TR8 that I purchased from The Wedge Shop, and I believe they are made by Kirk. They are well-made, and fit without any fettling.
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