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Kind of a neat trick.


Working on most older cars I always grabbed the old metal fan when I wanted to roll the engine slightly. My 76 TR6 has a plastic fan so I have been placing it in 4th and moving the car to move it rather than bumping the starter when I just want to roll the engine a small amount.

I was just working on it and noticed the air pump drive hub on the waterpump. Brain f**t - Can I use an oilfilter wrench to grip the hub and pull the engine over. Yup, all I had to do is push on the alt belt slightly so the hub would not slip in the belt and the engine rolled with very little effort.

So now I will use my new engine rollover wrench to remove my oil filter also. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


Great Pumpkin
Pure genius! Just don't let your hand slip or you'll have some nice stiches on theose delicate little fingers.

Battle scars, so to speak.


Jedi Knight
I use one of those Grip wrenches. You know the ones that have the rubber belt. Its adjustable. Opens jars too. lol I just put it on the waterpump hub and turn the engine over. Works great.


Besides I have learned over time that is much better to pull on a tool than to push on it.

... unless you are on your back pulling a wrench towards your face when it slips off. btdt. Ouch!
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