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Just Starting Restoration Of 1967 E Type Jaguar OTS


Hi Everyone,
I'm just starting a restoration of a 1967 Series I E type Jaguar OTS. The car does have some rust issues along the outer sills and possible the inner ones too. Therefore I will be buying some replacement panels in the near future. My question is who is the best supplier to get these panels from? I have heard that Martin Robey have all the original manufacture tooling from Jaguar, can anyone confirm this? Geographically SNG Barrett in New Hampshire is the closest supplier to me. Would either of these fit any better? Or does one manufacturer supply everyone.



Marvin Gruber

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I have heard the same about MR panels but I can't confirm that. I do like their metal better than Barrett though I haven't used enough Barrett to tell you any difference. You will more than likely be doing some custom fitting anyway.


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Jedi Knight
To do full inner and out sills, and probably floor repairs at the outside edges too, make sure you have a jig of some sort to bolt the tub to so that the front and back sections don't get distorted in relation to each other. Removing both on each side, if that's where you end up, you have to be careful about the door openings since there's nothing really to hold everything in place in relation to each end.


Hi Marv,
Thanks for your reply. I was talking to Martin Robey yesterday, according to them. they supply SNG Barrett with most of their panels! Useful to know

Bill B

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don't forget to ask for you 10% discount from SNG for orders over $100. You have to ask each time.
And there are more parts in the rear suspension than in two entire 67 Camaros.
I now understand why Vicarage charges 3800. to restore the rear cradle set up.
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Jedi Knight
Monocoque Metalworks is enthusiast owned and he just specializes in E types. I bought a repair panel for the firewall ( to repair damage due to an old dealer AC installation). Perfect.


Jedi Knight
This is the first patch panel I've ever used in 40 yrs. that didn't require any trimming to fit and is accurate down to the relief pressed into it and the welded nuts on the backside. He just started making these and it will make for a great repair. A crude patch had been brazed in and bondo'd up and of course we can't have that on the Jaguar !


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Wonderful! I've got a 67 Etype about 3/4 done with a total restoration!


Darth Vader
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Your that far down and apart. Doing it right is the only option. Makes you feel good!


Jedi Knight
I can tell you that an E-Type's wiring harness ( what prompted the complete teardown) is like a cat's tail : you can tell where it ends but where it starts ? Not so much.
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