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Jensen-Healey positraction differential?

Steve P.

Jedi Hopeful
Hi Guys & Gals,
Does anyone know if a posi or limit slip differential is available that will
fit the rear end housing & axels of a stock J-H? Like many of our beloved
Britmobiles, I'm sure this rear axle was used in other cars so I'm hoping
this optional setup is available. Thanks and any pointer would be greatly


Obi Wan
Country flag
The short/simple answer is no, there is no LSD available for the JH axle.

If you Google around you can find discussions about various special axles, custom modified axle swaps and custom made LSD units in modified JH axles. But no bolt-in LSD for the JH (or Vauxhall Vivas or Firenzas that the axles came from).

Occasionally, people have tried to stir up interest in having Quaife make some but so far those efforts have always evaporated.



Obi Wan
Country flag
Need to do and axle swap. Have one cut to fit and keep original as long as you have car.
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