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I'm new to this forum but not new to British Cars. I am a Triumph guy. Bought my first one in 1977, a TR250. I drove it and a TR6 through college and have had a succession of Triumphs ever since. I towed a TR6 behind the moving van when we moved from NYS to Texas in 1984 and I continued driving the TR6 as a daily driver into the 90's. In 1989 I started up the Hill Country Triumph Club after meeting a few other interested folks in Austin, most notably Art Graves, who now lives in Tulsa. The two of us got the club off the ground, running events and a newsletter. It was a labor of love in the early years but gradually it grew enough that others took over. The club is still a very active club in Austin. In 1991 the club needed an annual "feature" event to qualify as a VTR Chapter, so I came up with the idea of holding a car show. The Texas All British Car Day began that year and ran for 29 straight years until we had to take last year off. We'll be back for the 30th anniversary event this September, and others run this event as well. I get to show up day of and help!

I started racing Triumph's in 1996 and have and have raced a TR3A, a couple of TR4's, a 4A and a couple of TR6's through the years. Besides vintage racing I did some SCCA road racing and competed with a TR6 in Lemon's Chump/ChampCar and World Racing League endurance event. I currently own that endurance TR6, an SCCA TR6 that I got from Sam Halkias, and a TR4 that raced in the 1967 Daytona 24 Hour, Sebring 12 and SCCA ARRC at Daytona finishing 8th. I also own a street TR6, and a collection of projects that includes a Devin body for a TR3. I am not as active as I once was in the club, the ABCD or vintage racing but as I get closer to retirement I am looking forward to having more time for all of these.

Short version of my life in Triumphs........

Bob Kramer


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great cars! welcome


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Super to have you aboard, Bob! DO be sure to jump into our Triumph forum here - I'm sure you will be a great asset!