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TR2/3/3A Introducing my car

Hamish Racing

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Hi Folks
I thought I would introduce myself and share a couple of videos of my car so you know the modification I have done. it’s fully road legal here in the uk but modified for competition. I do sprints and hillclimbs and in a class that is up to 130bhp per tonne(kg). So not an all powerful beast !

check out my other videos for my events some very famous venues like Shelsely Walsh the 1st ever motorsport venue and still going and some of my dads films he made in the 1960’s he would be so please to know they were still being enjoyed today. He is no longer with us but as you can tell a big influence on me. Enjoy



Luke Skywalker
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Pretty car and a fun drive!

Good quality video and excellent audio, curious what devices you used to shoot and mic.
Hamish Racing

Hamish Racing

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Thank you
I use an old GoPro hero 3+ with a cheap eBay remote mic and adapter. One with a lead long enough to mount the mic near the exhaust or clipped to the seatbelt harness for commentary when on on car. The walk rounds is the built in mic.
hope to get some more racing in this year and try out a GoPro hero 9 but it seems more complicated to have a cheap remote mic option with this version !


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Hi, Can you share any more details about your TR? My TR-3a is similar to yours, with several Revington front end parts and rear spring locators.
What size tires are you running? Exhaust? brake pads? etc.

Your paint and finish is far better than mine. Looks good!

Baltimore,. MD
Hamish Racing

Hamish Racing

Jedi Hopeful
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Hi guys
Thanks for your interest and kind words.
as to my car. Where do I start.
firstly the previous owner rebuilt it last in the 1990’s I bought it in 2016. He had had the car 45 years.
it’s no way a very fine finish car. What we would call a 15footer. Ie looks better from further away it has suffers some chips and scratched and an area on the rear wing (fender?) of micro blisters after a winter in a garage using a cover !!

it has standard H6 SU carbs on a later TR4a inlet manifold. Creates a longer inlet tract that just fits inside inner wing. This is to a TR4a cylinder head. Pheonix big bore exhaust one rear box with the square 4into 1 collector. the rest of the engine is standard. 117bhp at the flywheel 138ft/lb torque. It has a standard but lightened flywheel 19lb and a later tr6 style diaphragm clutch
Tr6 Gearbox with A type overdrive uprated pressure for quicker changes. Also using the revington logic od switch. This is to a plate type LSD and 4.1:1 diff ratio. As I do sprints and hill climbs acceleration is more important than top speed. So it handling so I now have modified TR4-6 top wishbones on modified fulcrum to give camber. Later trunnion to give caster. 420lb front springs. 7/8” anti (sway) bar. Revington Ackerman arms. Standard steering box. Standard but new old stock brake pads new standard discs. Original calipers.
Elec fuel pump, small alternator elec rad fan.
Rear are uprated leaf springs (160lbs I think) revington spring locators (basically big washers). Standard lever shocks.
Road tyres are vredestiens sprint classic 185/70x15. Road legal race tyres are maxsport RB5 185/55x15 these with the diff ratio means it gets off the line well but a lot of gear changes quickly.
Then racing stuff like roll over bar period riguard seats with removable headrest.
Most of the upgrades I have done.
I race in a class which is up to 130bhp/kgTonne I have about 125
The next class is 130 to 180 which is why I went for handling upgrades
Getting towards 180bhp/tonne is quite an engine upgrade and expense IF I do go that way I know my drive and suspension will be right. Which is the right way round to tackle these things
Hope this helps.
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Hi Hamish,

Great to see you here!



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Just curious, how do they verify HP/tonne? Is it rear wheel BHP or engine?

Hamish Racing

Hamish Racing

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There is an element of trust. But a public weigh bridge receipt and a rolling road (flywheelprint out usually is the norm.
This is what the regulations state :-
Where the power is at the Flywheel, which can be calculated from the power at the wheels plus 15% plus 10HP, and the weight is the weight of the car in its normal competition state excluding the driver. It will not be mandatory to produce documentation certifying power or weight, however submissions that appear incorrect will be investigated.

these are the full regs for anyone interested.
my car is class 2a.
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