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Intermittent Horn


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And of course it never works when you need it. Have intermittent horn issue. Pretty sure grounding issue through steering rack to my Moto Lita Wheel. Thinking about connecting extra wire from - Relay Terminal of the Air Horns to one of the upper bolts that connect the rack to the car. Any thoughts on doing that or a better place to ground the horn. It wasn't working the other day and then all of a sudden started working and then it went away again.

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That is a feature, is it not?

Lucas...dim, flicker and off?
Lucas...inventor of intermittent wipers....inadvertently.

Wrap an old towel around the horns to keep neighbors happy, then slowly rotate wheel, see if it cuts out.

Worn horn brush? Loose connectors? Not sure where to ground rack.....but if you want, a hose clamp around the rack tube over stripped end of wire then connect to chassis somewhere.


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New Horn Brush, New Moto Lita Wheel. Worked fine for a year. Maybe taking my thread file to Steering Column Splines. Make sure there is no rust or corrosion there. I did some lube of sort there IIRC. Another idea to pursue.
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