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intermittent deflating tyre


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Hello all,

I have an interesting issue with a front tyre on my BN7. Occasionally it deflates. It does so very slowly, say over the course of four days. Sometimes it will stay fully inflated for a year, no significant change in pressure at all. Sometimes it will go down as stated, 3-4 days.
I have had the valve changed, tyre of inspected and refitted on two occasions.

My only theory is that the rim (dunlop wire wheels) may have a slight imperfection or the bead on the tire is not quite right and if the weight of the car happens to be on that point of the rim it allows a slow leak. That said, a drive should initiate a slow intermittent leak every rotation of the wheel (if you get what I mean).

Should I / can I just get tubes and see how that goes? Can you put tubes in a tubeless tyre? I don't want to replace the tyres as the is plenty of meat on them. But obviously I also don't want to have a failure on the road.

Thinking about it more, when it happens, it seems to happen in the colder months. Any theory, suggestions or answers would be appreciated.


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Thinking about it more, when it happens, it seems to happen in the colder months. Any theory, suggestions or answers would be appreciated.

Yes a tube could be added, However"

Two additional thoughts:
! Add a rim band to that wheel.
2 Pressurize that tire to its allowable maximum during the cold season.


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Try replacing the schraeder valve again, and wipe out the seat. It sounds too inconsistent to be anything else.
I had a tire that would go totally flat right after checking the pressure. A new valve solved my problem.


Darth Vader
Hi All,

Are your Wire Wheels designed for tubeless use? Due to spoke movement, wire wheels must be purposely sealed for use without a tube and unless relatively new and specifically built for tubeless use, wire wheels require a tube. Over time, tubes can become porous and even ware as a result of movement between the tire and wheel and loose air.

Additionally, how old are your tires? It is not uncommon to find tires on Healeys with quite a bit of tread depth and older than 10 years. Since tires do age and deteriorate with time, tread depth is not a good measure of a tire's life expectancy or construction integrity.

Last, as I understand and have been doing for years, putting a tube in a tubeless tire is commonly done. However, if you have purchased relatively new tubeless wire wheels, I would first contact the manufacturer to see if the wheels can accept a tube or if the wheel can be resealed.

I would suggest having the tire dismounted and checking or replacing the tube...if you have one. If you have tubeless wire wheels, I would suggest contacting the manufacturer of distributor for their suggestions.

Good luck,
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I have always run tubes in tubeless tires. Be sure the tubes are the correct size for your tires--you likely won't find them at the usual tire outlets. I'd suggest checking with Allen Hendrix.


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Thanks everyone for your advice. I have found a specialist here in Melbourne that stocks the Dunlop 72 spoke rims (same as what I have) Tyres, tubes etc for all types of Sports Cars including AH. We will see what they have to say.
Thanks again for the advice and education. The possibilities make much more sense and to be honest I don't know how long these tyres had been on the car before I bought it three years ago.
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