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Interesting BN1 for sale in Bellingham, WA


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I'm not familiar with this car, just happened onto the ad: > For Sale: 1953 Austin-Healey 100-4 in Bellingham, Washington <

It's visually different than any Healey I've ever seen and the text is remarkable. If all is true, this is a significant BN1 apparently constructed in late '90s.

Partial quotes from the text:

"The current iteration incorporates the frontal aspect that was Mr. Healey's first choice for production and it is replicated here for the first time. During the early design stage we were fortunate in receiving gracious input from Gerry Coker, the original designer, to ensure we did it correctly. Images of some of Mr. Coker’s emails are included below."

"The primary design goal was to recreate the frontal aspect that was changed during the prototype build at Tickford. This car shows the design that Donald Healey originally approved for production and demonstrates what he intended the BN-1 to look like. It is the only example ever built to those specifications."

Can anyone confirm the info in this ad? I like the partially inclined windshield and low profile hard top.

Interested in hearing opinions and/or information anyone has.



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This has been for sale for a long time. This is an early production Healey 100 BN1 which has been subsequently modified but there seems to be a lot of smoke, mirrors, hype, innuendo and blatant misinformation with little in verifiable fact....


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That is interesting because in that same general location a very original but unrestored BJ8 was sold yesterday for $ 10,000 it was sold when my friend arrived..


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Interesting, I have read most all the Healey books, don't remember seeing or reading about the any styling like this other than I think Gerry Coker said DMH didn't like the front end of the original 100 and had it parked in front of a pillar at the motor show.

Interesting read, but looks a little too much like a restomod for my taste.
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