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Insulation set from Koolmat


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Hi guys,

I asked Koolmat for an insulation kit against the heat coming from the engine bay. They have a set available for MK3, but i own a MK2 BJ7.

I am not sure this will fit. Does anybody have experience with this set?

I can't think of any of the parts that would be insulated would be different between a BJ7 and BJ8. The only body shell differences are the top of the doors and the rear floor having boxes for the rear suspension.
In my experience of over 25 years of using Koolmat on a variety of cars, there is nothing that comes close for heat and noise reduction. I have just fitted it to my BN1 to replace the industry standard repurposed roofing insulation type products and there is literally no more heat coming from the engine compartment. The difference is amazing and this is an investment that is thoroughly worthwhile....
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