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Insulating Floor Covering

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
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Years ago when I restored my first BJ8 I used a product all over the floors and foot boxes to help keep out the heat and sound .
lt was a thin black rubber product about 1/8” thick with a silver foil type backing . You peeled off the protective film and rolled it down on the floor pans .
I got it off flea bay , came on a roll about 18” wide . I did two BJ8s with the roll and had just enough to do the foot boxes on my BT7 project but I’m looking for some more .
I can’t find it again and don’t have any records of what it was called .
Any ideas anyone?
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You're probably thinking of Dynamat. I bought an equivalent product--made in Russia!--that was cheaper but seemed equivalent to Dynamat. It did my BJ8 with a bit left over. Quality was good (NFI):

I also bought an application roller:



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You're probably thinking of Dynamat. I bought an equivalent product--made in Russia!--that was cheaper but seemed equivalent to Dynamat. It did my BJ8 with a bit left over. Quality was good (NFI):

I also bought an application roller:

Bob, their ad only mentions sound insulation. Does it provide heat insulation as well?

John Turney

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You could try duct insulation from your local hardware store (Ace, in my case) About the same thickness as you stated, one side is foil and the other side is sticky.
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I also used dynamat about eight or nine years ago, on both the Bugeye and the 100. Still working fine. More sound than heat insulation


Darth Vader
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I believe the best I have ever used is Lizard Skin. There are two products intended to be used together. One for Sound and one for heat. The heat stuff is a ceramic. It is sprayed on and bonds so well that nothing will ever get under it. It is water based and goes on rather wet but drys up surprising fast. It bonds like the best paints and epoxies that you can imagine. It's probably been more that 15 years since I did my BJ7 with it. When people ask how it works, I tell them that I never notice any excessive heat in the car. No heat radiating from engine or trans.
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