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Installing stainless steel brake hose on BN2


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Hey y'all,
Doing some maintenance on my 1956 BN2 and thinking about installing stainless steel brake hoses between front brake cylinder and hard brake line/pipe on left front. Will eventually do both sides. Anyone have any experience with these lines as concerned about leaking where the line goes into the brake cylinder as SS line has a tapered end and the original style has a flat end ?


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If you mean SS brake lines...don't do it! Best to use less brittle - more malleable - steel or steel / copper tubing. If you would like to install SS brake hoses, do it!


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It's least confusing to refer to brake "pipes" (fixed metal lines) and "hoses" (flexible connections between the pipes and master, slave or wheel cylinders).

FWIW, I'm a fan of the cunifer copper alloy pipes. I had SS pipes from the late Doug Reid and the flares get brittle after a couple of uses, whereupon they leak. The cunifer ones do not.

Also FWIW, the pipe sets Moss sells have a "universal" flare which will seat either like the SAE double flare (all Healey flares except power booster) or the "bubble" flares used on Jaguars and the boosters.

The inexpensive Eastwood flaring tool makes universal flares.

If you're interested in getting the tools and creating your own pipes, this is a good place to start:



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Hey guys,
Sorry for the confusion as not looking to replace the existing brake pipes - the small metal lines - but the brake hoses between the lines and the wheel cylinders. I actually have a set of the ones described by Rick and that is where my concern lies - the existing rubber brake hoses have a flat end that mates with the brake cylinder where the SS hoses have a slightly tapered end. So concerned things will not mate up properly. I have watched the Moss video on them and have the copper washer to put on so maybe that is the solution. The SS end where it mates up with the small brake pipe has a very slight indented end to hopefully mate up with the slightly flared end on it.
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