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MGB Installing new upper fulcrum bushings


Hello, I know disassembley and removal of old bushes is straght foward but, how difficult is it to re assemble with new, blck poly bushings? Does one need to to loosen shock arms or do I simply tap and push? Thanks Dennis P


Great Pumpkin
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I have always loosened the bolt holding the arms together and used a screwdriver as a wedge to ~slightly~ spread the two to make it easier to install the bushes.


Luke Skywalker
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Be sure to leave the fasteners loose until the car is on the floor. Bounce the car a few times and tighten up.


Great Pumpkin
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Jedi Knight
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Be aware that when you install these bushes you just gave yourself a new wear point - they move in the socket and will wear, which the old rubber ones wouldn't do. Same with solid inner A arm bushes - definitely a mixed blessing.
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