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TR2/3/3A Installation of Brake Line Clamps on Real Axel


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Does anyone have a description of how to install the clamps onto the real axel? I have some new clamps from TRF I am wondering what the correct way is to insert the long strip into the little winding thing, is it folded over and doubled or what? What do I do with the remaining end portion? I should have paid better attention when I removed it but it seemed like a no brainer at the time.... Any advise is appreciated?

DACOMPUTERBRAH - Rear Clamp Brake line.jpg


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Sort of like this:

Cut so there is about 2-3 inches more than you need. Feed about 1 inch through the big cotter key and start winding till it is tight. You want less loose end than total play, so the loose end gets wound into the coil and is hidden.
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