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Installation Notes for 1-2-3 Electronic Ignition


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I am making this post to provide documentation for others on the subject of 1-2-3 electronic distributors and their installation in Big Healeys. There isn’t too much content regarding the 1-2-3 distributors on the Healey Forums or email lists, but I suspect that I am not the only one using this product from the Netherlands. I am not writing this to promote the product or even to encourage others to use it, although I have been very happy with my installation.
I have been using my 1-2-3 since about 2008 though I have never contributed much on the various Forums and bulletin boards about it. This is a link to my write-up on my website. Feel free to use as you wish if you have an interest.




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I have one of these distributors but pulled it out when I was tracking down a problem. After a few years, never got around to re-install. Thanks for the instructions. I knew the distributor was clocked different but did not realize that it was 90 degrees off. Your instructions make the installation easy.
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