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Inner Tie Rod


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59 Bugeye 1275 engine Disc Brakes

Looking for tips or info on replacing worn passenger side Inner Tie Rod (Will do both sides)

Looks like Mossmotors have the joint as an assembly, are the sealed joint type available?



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I know I've seen someone offering 3 Inner Tie Rods on E-Bay supposedly NOS for $129.95 on E-Bay for the last year with no takers. Google E-Bay and Sprite and you will find them.


Darth Vader
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I've only seen the entire rack for sale from the usual suspects: VB and Moss. Sometimes during their sales you can pick up the entire rack for not much more than the inner tie rods.


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Thanks, that's the way I was heading, I only have the one side that's bad, but I'm thinking get might as well get the rack as the other side is sure to be not far behind. just didn't fancy messing around with the shims, pre load and spring.
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