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Important Vauxhall manual on e-bay


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Just posted this in my Vauxhall group as well, thanks for the tip.

I think I asked you this before... but do you know where your old Viva GT ended up? If it was potentially available still I know people who would be very interested in it, and I'm trying to track down Vauxhall's in general. Little known fact - (according to what I've read somewhere) apparently almost all Viva GT production was sold in Canada when new.


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My car wound up in the hands of a drag racer who lived in Richmond B.C. It was cut up, tubbed, caged and generally destroyed. I don't know where the car is now. ( that was the Viva GT, our Epic GT wound up at the crusher about 25 years ago or so, which was a shame... accident victim.. Epics are really rare, especially in GT form..)

But someone I know just aquired a Viva GT with the intention of a running resto. The car is in a few pieces now, and I haven't seen it, but i can find out more about it if you like. The owner is thrilled with his purchase as far as I know..


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A friend of mine in Ontario is acting as a "registrar" for Viva GT's and Epic GT's in Canada, he's also restoring (or attempting to restore) a 1970 Epic GT. From what he has told me the GT models of the Viva are extremely rare now anywhere in the world, even in England.

If your friend is at all interested, a guy here in Calgary has two Viva GT's for sale, both will need restoration. The same guy also has piles of spare parts which could be available.


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Showing my ignorance here, I know the Viva GT, whats an Epic GT?


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<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><hr> Catfood said: Showing my ignorance here, I know the Viva GT, whats an Epic GT?

Don't feel too bad about yourself... You would have never seen an Epic GT over in England.

But... basically throughout the 1960's General Motors Canada continued to sell the Vauxhall through their Pontiac/Buick dealer network. And in 1960 the Canadian Chevrolet/Oldsmobile dealer network started selling an equivalent version of the Victor called the Envoy, sold right to 1970, plus the Envoy Epic, their own version of the Viva, again until 1970. Confusing? Yes!

I did write an article in Writer's Corner here about "Vauxhall History in North America", among other things it covers the interesting Envoy history.
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