• This "National Events" forum is expressly for posting national events that would be of interest to British car enthusiasts. You post an event in the same way that you would post a regular thread. Be sure your event post includes:
    • Title of the Event
    • Location of Event
    • Date(s) of the Event
    • Point of contact for Event
    • Website, Facebook Link, etc., if available
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to add the event to our Events Calendar. It's easy - WATCH VIDEO to learn how.
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IMPORTANT!!! READ THIS - About Posting Events

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Many times people post events in these event forums but don't bother to add them to the Event Calendar.

PLEASE - When you post an event in either the local or national events forums, include the location first in the Subject. For example, "Denver, CO, British Car Conclave."

Also, remember to add your event to our Event Calendar. It's easy - watch this brief video on how to add events to the Events forums and how to add them to the Calendar:

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