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Important question [I might have just screwed up]


I have made a deal to get some vent windows cause mine have the rubber all cracked and crumbling around the seal. Anyways the ones I might be getting are from a 78 midget and mine is a 71. Is there any difference/ will they work?
Chrome vs stainless


Great Pumpkin
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I vote for stainless.
It is a bear to replace the rubber, but the ones you are swapping for may end up looking just as bad.


OK, I got the vent window assemblies from a 78 midget. Suppossedly these are from a garage kept car with 23,000 miles on it that was converted into something else. The rubber is supposed to be good. I got both with shipping for $35 so if lose out, it won't be by much. I just hope they bolt up if they are good.


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Getting that old rusted screw out is the hard part.
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