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I thought it was a 100-6, but it's a BT7 3000 Mk I


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Been inside a garage for 37 years, but remarkably intact - even has the spare tire hold downs, including the leather strap. Minor surface bodywork needed, everything rust covered, but floors whole and rockers mostly - patchable not replaceable.

Don't know yet about the motor and trany - will certainly need tear-down and assessment. Side curtains whole and ok, even came with a tonneau and top and full top frame.

HBT7L/7408 enjoying the sun for a few days before going into the new shop for disassembly.


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hey, anthony, come over and look at it. You'll feel better. It is so old, it stinks! I tell ya, something was very happy living in that car, but they sure did make it smell!


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You may not want to smell it - but, sure, any time - we are just down from the Norwalk Community College. llameme.


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I have three comments:
I am forever surprised that there seem to be so many Healeys still resting in lock-ups!
When they are found, they always have those grotty "winter-tread" tyres fitted.
I like those neat castor wheel trolleys.
My best "barn-find" was a BN2 many, many years ago. There wasn't much left of it. The front shroud from it is on my BN1.
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