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Hurst Line-Lok/Roll Control/Launch Control - anyone use?


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Back in the 60s, every aspiring juvenile drag racer wanted one of these, and every little old lady driving a VW Beetle in San Francisco had one.
I got my coordination confused recently stopped at a red light on a fairly steep uphill and stalled our 948 cc BE, then squealed the tires (ouch! axles!), and got remembered these things. Anyone running one? Comments? Curious about any thoughts on aesthetics, installation, etc. Thanks, Doug


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That's why you have an e-brake handle for times like this.

SD Bugeye

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Ha! Had one back in the day on my 389 trip power goat
hurst line loc
good times I can smell the N70 15’s now...


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I was figuring on letting that 948 rip, and take the 165s off to a drifting competition...
More seriously: the coordination isn't as good as it once was (e.g. I figured I didn't need to use the hand brake in the aforementioned starting situation; both mental and physical coordination ...) and that's what got me thinking back to the Hurst product. Doug

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line-lock is not what you wanted. hill-holder was what you needed.


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Probably the only bugeye that could use a line-lock was this Corvette-powered one with a two speed Powerglide:

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