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Hubs a Rocking on side where Speedi Sleeve was installed


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So I cured my rubbing issue on the hub and wheel cylinder with some tender touches from the Angle Grinder, thanks Rut. However with the nut cranked down as tight as it can go on the axle there is a definite wobble to the hub. I can place my hands on the hub and there is a tiny bit of play there. So guys do I put it back together, install the axle and just see what happens. The bearing face on that side was pretty torn up with some pretty good gouges and the Speedi Sleeve pounded all of the way down until the tear off strip was even with the end of the thread. Should I have pounded on the Speedi Sleeve further. Before I close it up I need some guidance. Don't know what the gap is but I'll bet a feeler gauge can possibly measure. Setting up a way to really torque down the big nut but even after I tried that. May not be 140 lbs but I'll bet at least 100 ' lbs clamped down on my utility trailer. Still moving less but still wobbly. Thoughts Team?


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By wobble, do you mean in-and-out or side-to-side? If you don't have the axle in place, the in-and-out movement is normal. The axle clamped in place is what stabilizes that movement.


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with big nut clamped down there is movement at right angles to the axle shaft.


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I did not try with axle shaft installed.

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The speedi sleeve is to provide a new smooth sealing surface for the seal. It has nothing to do with the bearing.
As Gerard says there is some play in the bearing that will cause the hub to wobble a little before installing the axle.
It is only a single row ball bearing so play is normal.


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Thanks, Using a Sealed Bearing but again a Single Row. Axle Build is done other that adding a set of later E-Brake Rods which I will have tomorrow. Once I can hang the axle on Bugsy I'll be able to go back and fully torque the Big Nut down and install hub seals and gasket and mount all of the Brake Shoes and install the drums. Good progress this weekend, getting closer to drive time.
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