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HS 2 float adjustment


How do I adjust the floats on my new HS2’s? Gap is about 3/8 inch now.


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Use the mesurement in the manual with float assembly upside down. Float moves up to stop fuel. If you don't have the specification, I need year and model car, so I can look it up.


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There is a metal pin where the seat sits. Never seen a plastic replacememt float before, but that metal pin is where the adjustment would be as the stop is plastic and won't bend. Somebody should be familiar with the new parts. Only advantage to the plastic is alcohol resistance. I always by the metal floats.


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Should be about 1/8" for an HS-2 and a 1275 IIRC. there is some sort of metal in there to adjust the float gap. I know it involves turning upside down to measure. And you may find a 1/8" drill bit when turned upside down just fits across underneath the the float.


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When you say the gap is 3/8", what is it that you are referring to?

Is that the point where the fuel supply shuts off or is that just the measurement you are taking with the float hanging down as you are showing in the photo.

The needle valve should be set to shut off the fuel being supplied to the float chamber by measuring the clearance between the float and the rim of the float chamber lid by laying a 1/8"-3/16" drill bit between the two. Blow in the end of the brass fuel supply fitting to listen for the flow to shut off.

If an adjustment is needed to achieve this measurement with your type of non-adjustable nylon float, very thin fiber washers are available which can be used for adjusting the height of the needle and seat up or down.
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