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TR4/4A How to prep block to reinstall head for composite gasket


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So the ARP head stud kit is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so figured it is a good time to ask about prepping the block.

The old gasket was cooper and there was a cooper grease of sealant on it, I assume that need to come off.

I haven't called Moss yet, but are there any sealers or prep to use their composite gasket?

Asking since I'd greatly prefer to do it right and in case others in the future ave the same question


Luke Skywalker
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Probably lots of opinions here. I clean the head and block surfaces thoroughly and use no sealant. However, there is no shortage of goo on the market and I don't think any of it will do any harm.


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Thanks Tom. Called Moss and they said nothing required but personally they use Ultra Cooper Permatex on their cars.


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I've used Gasgacinch a couple of times and have had no issues. Don't know if it helped, but it didn't hurt!
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