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TR6 How many fuel filters-TR6


Luke Skywalker
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If you stay with the electric fuel you'll want to install a fuel pump shut off. I carry an electric fuel pump for a back up in my TR250 (and now in all my TRs except the 7) if the mechanical one fails. Just before the TRF summer party the mechanical pump failed. I installed the electrical one and on the way there my daughter was driving the TR250 and we had to make a stop. The car stalled and not knowing she left the ignition on. Several minutes later there was a large pool of fuel all under the car because the pump kept running as the key was on. Same thing could happen in an accident with out some kind of shut off. Very dangerous! So later I installed a oil pressure switch so when there is no oil pressure the pump shuts off.

As far as the filters go this past fall I had my 250 at my mechanics shop just before 6 pack as I was having some fuel delivery problems I couldn't figure out. He was a Triumph mechanic back in the day and what he did was remove the pre pump filter and moved it in front of the carbs. Said the mechanical pumps are better pushers then suckers. Plus there is a screen filter in the top of the mechanical fuel pumps. Although that improved the fuel delivery the main problem was that a bee had found it's way into the float chamber and was blocking the float from operating properly. First anyone has ever heard of that one.


Freshman Member
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So, I bit the bullet and did the following conversion to something that seemed more sensible. Was surprised that the new pump makes less noise that the other one and appears to work well mounted on the DS front inner fender. Like now having the glass filter to be able to keep an eye on any trash in the fuel line. Also replaced the line from the pump to the carb input thus removing another fitting that didn't have to be there. Am please with the result!!! Thanks to everyone for advice. Moving on to the radiator plumbing that also needs to be improved.


Jedi Warrior
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Another consideration is to fit a small see through filter between the new pump and the carbs...helps to visualise fuel flow [or lack of]


Luke Skywalker
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Here is my set up. Right now I'm running a mechanical pump which I prefer. When it fails and I'm sure I'll be a ways from home as it has happened 3 times now. Twice with this car and once in the TR3.
I used a brass 4 way that screws into where the oil pressure sensor goes. At the right (3 o'clock) I have an auxiliary line that goes to the rocker shaft. At 6 o'clock I have the oil pressure sensor that operates the gauge on the dash. At 9 o'clock is the oil pressure switch that would cut out the electric fuel pump if I would loose oil pressure. Via stalling, impact or if the oil pump itself goes out. I have a harness that I made so I can quickly hook everything up and get on the way. The last time it happened I didn't bother to remove the mechanical pump and let the electric pump pull thru the mechanical pump.


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Jedi Warrior
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I hate the filter I see first in the line. You will CURSE the day you used this filter.
I spent an afternoon in heck on the shoulder of I 70 on a 100deg day due to
a filter of this type. The fault? it works TOO well catching super fine particles
in the mesh (un-seen) till it restricts the flow enough to cause speed starvation.
When ever I found one on a customers car I would take it off and smash it in front of them.
You simply cant see the particles that clog it.
Please remember, strain ahead of the pump, filter AFTER the pump. Or risk the wrath of
the fuel Gods.
Mad dog
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