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How do you cover your battery in the boot?


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We just took a trip in our BJ7 (which meant filling the trunk and the back seat with stuff), and I got wondering how to cover the battery to protect 'stuff' from picking up crud from it, or just generally giving the battery some space. What approaches do folks take? Thanks, Doug


Great Pumpkin
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There are hard box like and soft plastic covers available from the usual suspects , I like the soft plastic ones


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I have a version of this: https://mossmotors.com/cover-battery?assoc=83640. It's not very sturdy, but mine has lasted >20 years. Also, the non-grounded terminal can be covered with tape or a plastic cover.

I do the same, the plastic stock looking cover does the job.

Trunk 2.jpg


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I cut a rectangular piece of old tire inner tube about 4" x 3" and stuck with gaffer tape over the positive terminal. When I need to charge the battery i just flip it over. I also have a cut out on the negative post which I turn off whenever I park the car.IMG_20200726_084851486_HDR[1].jpg
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