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how do i know if my power steering pump is going


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1995 xj 300 , i get a weird feeling while dirving on the high way it momentraly feels like the car is not responding to the wheel and is slideing.

yes its dry pavement but it is rutted and the xj has a wider then normal track.
I'd think that if p/s is failing, you'd find steering getting harder, not "softer".

When's the last time you checked front suspension, steering, ball joints, even rear shocks?

Not sure what you mean by "the xj has a wider than normal track". Has the tracking been altered recently?

Tom M.
thanks for the quick reply .

the cars here are mostly compacts and smaller so the rutting in the pavement is narrower and the xj is wide so i dont sit well in the groves. the studded tires wear down the roads quite badly .
ok - thanks. The term "tracking" often refers to either (1) the car able to keep a straight path ahead, or (2) wheel alignment.
Check the steering rack mounts.
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