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TR6 How can you tell if your TR6 fuel pump is working?


Jedi Knight
Get an in-line fuel gauge... it should read about 1.5psi if I remember correctly.

If your fuel pump is original, TRF sells rebuild kits. Very simple devices to rebuild and they're as good as new.

Geo Hahn

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You can crank the engine with that fuel line disconnected (and have a cup or jar handy to catch what comes out).

It doesn't spray like a fire hose... more like spurts of fuel.

Of course the best test is to have a pressure gauge fitted with a 'tee' into the fuel line. Your manual will sya what pressure is needed... maybe 2.5 lbs or so.

Combination Pressure gauges/Vacuum gauges are inexpensive at any auto parts store and are useful tools.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Geo Hahn said:
Combination Pressure gauges/Vacuum gauges are inexpensive at any auto parts store and are useful tools.
But they do seem to be getting harder to find, since so few cars these days have such low fuel pressure, and no one debugs with vacuum readings anymore. Ask for a "vacuum test gauge", as the counterperson may not know they also read fuel pressure to 10 psi or so.


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Larry - if this is related to your driveability issue it is possible that there is a vacuum or blockage (as the other guys have suggested) that goes away once the car isn't trying to suck down as much fuel. The fuel flow "catches" up when it isn't under load.

Do you have an assistant (child or similar that you can force into or already is in indentured servant mode) that can rev the engine up to see the fuel flow through the filter?
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