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TR2/3/3A Horizontal Link Assembly Install Question


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I finally got an accelerator assembly installed and started getting the carbs installed. Problem I have is that the (long) horizontal rod is about one and a half inches too long when fully adjusted (closed) on both ends. My first thought is to cut off a bit from each end and rethread, if necessary, to make the rod short enough to fit and allow some adjustment.

~ I thought I'd check first and ask for advice am I missing something? I am pretty certain the rod is my original, the Accl. Assembly is a replacement. The pedals all are about the same height inside the foot well, all I can think is the accelerator assembly lever is not exactly in the correct position? I have found a lot of difficulty twisting the assembly and I fear doing more harm than good if I try to twist the Accelerator Assembly Rod inside the engine bay to increase the distance between the fixed bracket on the carb and the Accl. lever. What are your thoughts? Thank you!

~ Pedal Assembly  Interior (1).jpg~


  • Horizontal Link Rod Assembly (1).jpg
    Horizontal Link Rod Assembly (1).jpg
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  • Accelerator Assembly Installed Lft Side.jpg
    Accelerator Assembly Installed Lft Side.jpg
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I don't see the problem. Without the linkage to the carbs, the throttle pedal will naturally rest much higher than normal. I think if you get the carbs installed and adjust the linkage as I outlined before (bell crank @ 45 degrees; pedal hits floor just as throttles are full open), you'll find that it all fits.
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