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holes in 76 midget 1500 front bumper


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Good evening everyone I am new to the forum, I have a 76 midget 1500 (rubber bumpers), and I have two holes in the bumpers, it appears to be for a badge bar, but I did not think you could get badge bars for 1500's, just curious, trying to figure out what they are for, have not seen them on other rubber bumper units.


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do you have a picture? does sound like something someone put there later. Oh, and, welcome!


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Oh, and let me explain the picture procedure. 1. pic must be under 100k in size. 2. either use "reply" or "switch to advanced editor" (under reply screen) at the bottom of the text box, go to file manager and follow directions. one picture per post.


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Hi John - thanks for the welcome, Kelly found my other post on the other site, shows the hole pretty well. I was not smart enough to figure out how to attach the picture to this site....


Never seen them on another RB car, I'd guess they were put there to mount lights.


Jedi Warrior
That'd be my first guess; if I was gonna put "rally" style lights on a RB that's where I'd put 'em. Seems like a badge bar would sit too tall above the bonnet line if it were mounted there.
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