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TR2/3/3A Hey Its been a while


Obi Wan
Hey everyone its been a while since ive been here...

I still own my 71 TR6,


I recently purchased a 1960 TR3A

Im sure I will have questions for the TR3A, Thank you in advance[SUB][/SUB]


Country flag
Great looking TR3A .

You should be able to get any questions you have on your TR3A answered here.



Obi Wan
Thnx Dave44.jpg

STeve 1958

Jedi Hopeful
That looks exactly like my TR3A. I thought you stole it for a second haha
I'm in Florida now and my TR is in California waiting to get shipped. I miss it.



Obi Wan
Looking for volunteers to drive it to you?


Its actually on a truck in northern California right now on its way to me...I should see it early next week



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