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Post-War Other Herald: Holy Moly! [Why it took me so long to make the accelerator bracket]


Luke Skywalker
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My wife complained that my non existent heater was turned on and burning her legs. Here's what I found under the battery which sites just above her lap (always look under the battery when buying an old car. I didn't:


I could find no panels so had to make a repair piece.
P1010201.jpg P1010203.jpgP1010206.jpg

Here's the patch in place,

Here it is with some paint, poor match from a rattle can. Racing stripes under the battery are weld through primer. Hastily done so as to make it to Stowe Vt. British Invasion show, never got to final coat. Maybe better paint at some point.


Here's the job I intended to do, the throttle linkage for the twin SUs. (I think they are original equipment on my Herald 13/60 from Belgium.

My thanks to Rhodyspit 75 for sending me the patterns.


Darth Vader
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Nice repair Tom. Looks great.


Andrew Mace

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Nice work, Tom! And yes, the SUs are original and correct. That particular car was built for the US market (sold new in Puerto Rico) and had to comply with Federal safety and emissions standard in effect at the time. The only "emissions certifiable" engine Triumph would have had at the time was from the Mk3 Spitfire, so that's what went into those few hundred Heralds built for sale in PR! (Triumph otherwise had stopped selling anything other than sports cars in the US market after 1967.)
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