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TR4/4A Help with measurement please.


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Could someone give me the measurement from the timber dash fascia to the top of their steering column as in pic. please.


  • DSCF2929.jpg
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Mine is 5 3/16" -- possibly 140mm in Australian money.

Obviously, wheel position is somewhat adjustable - looks like mine is quite a bit farther back than the one in the photo. I prefer a driving position with the seat full back so I have to bring the wheel back a bit to allow a comfortable arm reach.
Mine is set at 5 5/8", a comfortable distance for my long legs also with the seat all the way back.
Mine is one inch farther out than you are showing. Here's a pic, not the best lighting or angel, but for whatever help. I remember setting it with some concern for the location of the engine compartment clamp.



  • Steering.jpg
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